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Structured data in e-mails makes life easier for your customers. Through structured presentation, you make it possible for GMX to present and process relevant information from e-mails optimized for the recipient. We call this service Intelligent Mailbox.

This is an enormous advantage for recipients of e-mails, because they see at first glance what is relevant to them, that is, what information they need at this moment. The sometimes lengthy search for the required information is no longer necessary and the focus on the next step is significantly larger. This leads to greater customer satisfaction and is therefore also in the interest of the sender of the e-mail.

What do you need to do so that the e-mails you send using GMX are also shown in such a way that your customers can benefit from our Intelligent Mailbox?

It is necessary that you transfer the data in your e-mails in a structured way. To this end, we use the standard There you will find detailed information about the implementation and the corresponding notations. We are currently evaluating the schemes for ParcelDelivery and Order and present this accordingly in the recipient’s mailbox.

Since for GMX, security is an essential promise to our users, this alone is not enough, because for the recipient, it must be guaranteed that the e-mails come from a trustworthy source. Therefore, it is imperative that senders comply with our e-mail policy and follow the recommendations for sending e-mails to GMX fully. These include in particular the application of the standards, DKIM and also DMARC. The intelligent mailbox is unlocked upon manual testing on our part. Please contact us for details using the adjacent contact form.

Under, you can find all the information about the topic of inserting structured data into the e-mails you send. A quick overview about the schemes used can be found at and

Further information on DKIM, DMARC and SPF can be found here.

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